About me

The name is Mihai Fecioru (LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mihai-fecioru-1008a4), I am based in Bucharest (Romania), and since 2001 I am having fun with learning how to build software from people much (far too much) more smarter than me. The first 9 years of (I dare to say) my software engineer career were spent playing with writing software, doing hard-core low-level debugging (yeah.. I’m one of the guys that think that assembly is still cool) and meeting with customers I thought I will only read about. After that, I have decided it is time to… (uuuuuhhhh) change, to get out of my comfort zone… So, I took a big breath and jumped: I’ve changed the company, the team, the domain (from embedded to web / mobile) while also taking team management responsibilities.

During these years I have been blessed with working alongside so many talented people, have lived different experiences and (very important for me) have done so many mistakes. All this generated a lot of interesting and sometimes amusing stories that become quite popular within my group of friends. They encouraged me to start blogging about these topics. What a silly thought, right?

One very important area for me is personal development. I enjoy reading about anything related to this generous topic: from technical stuff (software engineering, architecture, exploring different programming languages etc), to stories on managing projects or (more difficult) people and up to the magic around emotional intelligence. Finding out about other people stories is a fascinating process which excites me so  much that I cannot help myself sharing them around. Again comes the question: “So… why haven’t you started that blog yet?”. HA! Not interesting enough…

But, at some point, something very interesting happened. I have started to make connections between stories I read about and the ones I am actually living. This generated new ideas or, more important, reminded me about some basic rules (I call them golden rules) that are so basic that we often forget about them – which gets us into the most unexpected problems. Now, THIS is something interesting to write about.

Starting a blog became no longer such a bad idea. It sounds like a good way for me to take the ideas I run into from books or from experience, run them through my odd-brain processor and put out my final thoughts. I find that it really helps if I am going through this process from time to time and I finish by writing down the final outcomes or share them with friends. The most rewarding part is getting feedback and engaging in passionate discussions.

That’s this blog about. Is about ideas that I find interesting, is about debating them is about learning from personal and other’s experience. It’s about writing about all this stuff, and then watching what crazy ideas went through my head years ago. And learning from this too.

I call this process my Learning Routine.